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We are committed to creating the world’s most selective and highest-quality cryobank, the first of its kind in the industry. As part of our mission, we provide a platform for individuals with exceptional genetic traits to explore their heritage while using our expertise to help those in needs with the latest technology.




Genetics Recognition

We conduct selective testing to identify elite individuals with outstanding genetic traits, ensuring our donors meet the highest standards. Our evaluation approach embraces “diversified excellence” that combines exclusive standards with inclusivity. By donating, you can take pride in knowing that your exceptional genetics will make a profound impact on those seeking to build their families.
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Licensed and Regulated Tissue Bank

We hold the credited Tissue Bank License from the California Department of Public Health and undergo routine on-site inspections. With us, you can have complete assurance.

National Agencies Regulating Sperm Banks

All sperm banks and other establishments offering donorsemen services must be registered with the FDA by law.
We are registered with the FDA and are in full compliance with all relevant FDA regulatory requirements.

National Guidelines for Sperm Banking Best Practices

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine periodically issues guidelines TV on screening egg and sperm donors. These guidelines are better considered "standards of practice" and compliance is entirely voluntary. The ASRM does not perform inspections.

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